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Koora Live to watch matches Free

We often find people who are interested in football and like to go to the stadiums and watch the matches of their favorite teams, but this may be difficult for some of them. That is why they found Koora Live, which broadcasts all football matches, which makes everyone able to watch the matches and enjoy their teams. The favorites while they are in their homes and without getting tired or paying any money.

In this article, we will talk about Koora Live, mention its most important features, introduce you to the correct way to use it, and answer all questions that may come to your mind.

Yalla Kora home page for broadcasting sports matches

What is Koora Live?

Kora Live is one of the most important sites that broadcast football matches online, and the most important feature of the site is that it is in English, which helps non-Arab viewers to use the site easily.

The site consists of a number of pages, the main page contains the schedule of matches that will be shown today on the site, and the site has a page dedicated to publishing match results and another dedicated to knowing the channels that will show each match, in addition to many other pages.

Kora Live's home page

What makes Koora Live special?

Kora Live contains a lot of features that made it one of the most important sites that broadcast football matches, we will mention to you below the most important features and explain them to you.

1. The site broadcasts all matches in high definition and without interruption

The main function of the Koora Live website is to broadcast the matches live while they are being played, and in order for the site to fulfill its function to the fullest extent, it displays the matches in high accuracy and without any interruption, because the broadcast is officially, which guarantees you enjoyment in watching.

2. koora live site in English

Kora Live is an Arabic site, but it uses the English language, which helps users who are not fluent in the Arabic language to use the sites easily, in addition to this, it helps Arab users to strengthen their English mathematical language.

3. From the site you can get the identification cards for each match

The site contains a special page to display some information on the match, such as the start time of the match, the carrier channels, and the league in which you are playing. This page is called the "channels" page.

4. The site has official pages on social networking sites

The Koora Live administration has created pages on social networking sites. There is a page for the site on Facebook and Twitter, which greatly facilitates finding broadcast links for the site's matches.

5. The site has a night mode feature

You rarely find sites that pay attention to this feature, but Kora Live has added a night mode feature, which helps you to use the sites in all surrounding conditions.

6. The interface of the site is very simple and well-formatted

The site has a simple, beautiful and well-formatted graphic interface that allows anyone to enter the site and watch the matches without any trouble, in addition to the interface with very beautiful colors.

7. Koora Live is very fast.

The site is very fast in navigating between pages and watching matches, which ensures that you have fun watching matches and using the site to find out results and information about matches.

8. The site works in all countries of the world

Anyone in any country of the world can use Kora Live, but in some few countries the site may encounter some problems at work, and you can solve these problems by running a VPN.

9. The site is completely free and secure

Kora Live is a completely free site, as it does not need to pay any money to use the site and watch matches, and the site does not need to create any account or enter any personal data, so there is no need to worry about it.

How to use Koora Live

The way to use the Kora Live website is very simple and easy, due to the distinctive and organized destination design, we will explain to you below the correct way to use the site.

To watch the matches on Koora Live, go to the main page of koora live, then choose the match you want to watch by clicking on it, then the site will take you to the main broadcast page. Choose the resolution you want to watch the match in (HD, FULLHD) and you will get an enjoyable and uninterrupted viewing.

Kora Live broadcast page

To see the results of the previous matches, go to the results page by clicking on it in the page bar on the main page, then koora live will take you to the results page "Results" that displays the results of the previous matches.

Kora Live results page in Koora Live

If you want to get the match identification cards and know the channels broadcasting for each match, click on "channels" in the top bar of the main page to go to the "channels" page that gives you information about the matches (carrier channels, the tournament in which you play the match, match result).

Koora Live contact page

Questions about Koora Live

In this paragraph, we will answer many questions about the site that you may have in your mind.

Does Koora Live show matches with English commentary only?

Answer: No, certainly the site transmits the matches with an Arabic commentary, but if the match you want to watch is not broadcasted in Arabic, then the site will broadcast the match with a foreign comment so that you can watch the match, as there are not many sites that transmit untransmitted matches Arabic.

Can I watch the matches shown by the site on my mobile device?

Answer: Yes, you can watch the matches through your mobile device, which enables you to watch the match wherever you are, and you can display the match on the smart home screen to get more fun.

What should I do if there is a problem with the main broadcast?

Answer: If there is a problem with the broadcast and it rarely happens, reload the page and if the problem is not solved then you can go to the backup broadcast provided by the site, bearing in mind that the efficiency of the backup broadcast is not different from the main broadcast.

Can I contact the site administrator?

Answer: Certainly, if you have any questions, you can contact the administration of koora live by going to the "contact us" page and then contacting us via the email on the page.

Does Koora Live contain annoying ads?

Answer: No, the site does not contain any advertisements unlike other sites that broadcast matches online, which guarantees you an enjoyable viewing and without any disturbance.

With this, we have introduced you to Koora Live and mentioned to you its most important features that made it one of the most important sites for broadcasting matches. We also explained to you the correct way to use it and answered some common questions that may be in your minds about the site.